Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Aspiring Chef Ollie!

Just in the past two days Oliver has discovered that he can open the compartment underneath the stove where the random ugly back-up pans are stored. You can see from the picture the atrocious foil container that I have under my oven! I don't think I would dream of using it anymore for actual cooking, but I'm pleased to see it revived in a new role as a BED (Baby Entertainment Device). Other prominent BEDs include the small metal bowl, a plastic measuring cup, and my digital thermometer lid -- all favorites of Mr. Popper. Oliver was first attracted to the shiny metal handle of the oven under-compartment (is there a name for this?) while exploring the kitchen, as he loves shiny metal things of all kinds! After a few tries he got it open and proceeded to take everything out and make as much noise as possible banging on the metal racks down there. Of course I would never let him do this when the oven was turned on, but his little efforts at making music in the kitchen are very welcome while I'm cooking my lunch!

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  1. I want more updates! I want to know what you are doing! I want to procrastinate! :)