Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Garbage in the freezer?!

Speaking of freezers, ours is nice and empty at the moment as I returned about a month's worth of (frozen) compost to the Lower East Side Ecology Center drop-off at the Greenmarket on Saturday. We had a big canvas Whole Foods bag filled with things like egg shells, vegetable peelings, etc., all frozen. (I keep all my kitchen scraps in the freezer so there is no rotting and unpleasant odor.) It's very cleansing to dispose of waste in general I guess, but doing it with no accompanying landfill guilt is even better! It always feels SO good to know all this organic matter will be turned into soil for NYC gardens and window boxes.

You will probably be hearing more about compost from me than you really want to over the course of this blog. It's one of my favorite ways of being a little more eco-conscious, and incredibly easy to do, even for us city-dwellers with no backyards or compost bins of our own!

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  1. I agree- donating compost does feel good- I've been doing it ever since you told me how a couple months ago and it's very gratifying :-) Expound on it as much as you like, it's fine by me!

    So are drop-offs also available in the Lower East Side? Where else?