Monday, March 30, 2009

Reflections on Sunday dinner

Hugo and I are tired this morning as Oliver was kicking us most of the night. Plus my stomach was a bit gurgly all night -- I think my dinner affected both Ollie and me, thus the kicking (ugh). We had rosemary turkey drumsticks from the Union Square Greenmarket (DePaolo Farms), and organic mashed potatoes, and the garlic string beans which were delicious! Everything was good in fact, but I forgot to enlist the digestive help of some lacto-fermented foods which means I didn't digest my turkey well (I am blood type A, so have less hydrochloric acid in my stomach for digesting meats). [Note: last week I had some turkey at my friend Sharon's house, after which I went home and enjoyed a night of great sleep, complete with peaceful dreams. HOWEVER, I had also consumed a fair amount of goat-milk kefir and a plate of kim chee -- they do wonders for the digestion! Sharon says she is always sure to eat some enzyme-rich foods like these with meat. I will be picking up some of my own kim chee and kefir from a local farmer this Thursday through the buyers' club we belong to.

Back to the turkey. This was a BIG meal - I could only eat about half of my drumstick. However, Hugo (a former vegetarian of more than 15 years) ate everything and was actually full for once. Usually after he finishes he asks me what else there is to eat, and I have gotten pretty tired of hearing this question. I figured it was time to start serving bigger meals. This did the trick!

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