Monday, March 30, 2009

Baby Food Extravaganza

Here Oliver is enjoying some mashed d'Anjou pears with raw milk yogurt this morning. He seems to forget he likes them at first, then gradually becomes accustomed. At this point he can eat about 1/8th of a pear -- an incredibly tiny amount! I core and peel the sliver of pear of course, then mash it in a little bowl with a baby spoonful of yogurt. The rest of the pear waits in the fridge for following days.

Today has been a day of many foods for the Popper: he started with 3 oz. of raw milk mixed with 1/2 tsp. high-vitamin cod liver oil (from Radiant Life) in his little bottle. I like to give him this while I'm preparing my breakfast - he can hold the bottle on his own and is quite content, despite the fishy taste, which never ceases to amaze me (I still have to take mine while holding my breath). Later he had the pears, and then he filched some of my carrots at lunch time (mashed of course). Dark orange veggies seem to be a big favorite of his - he opens his mouth wide for sweet potatoes and carrots (always mixed with butter, of course, so that he can absorb all the vitamins). This evening he had his first "square" meal: pureed turkey from last night with mashed potatoes and carrots - all mixed together into an enticing orange-ish...mush I guess, is the only way to describe it really. Hugo put the remaining blended food into an ice cube tray for freezing (covered with plastic wrap). Other parents claim it is easy as pie to defrost one cube for dinner any time! We will see how that goes.

To top it all off he tried some lacto-fermented sauerkraut, which I was enjoying before dinner (because it's tasty and to guarantee good digestion). I was shocked that he actually seemed to really like this! He even seemed to eat it with some relish - after making lots of dubious faces first of course.

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