Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Healthy Family Chronicles begin!

This marks the start of the Healthy Family Chronicles, and I am quite excited! Readers will be privy to all sorts of details about our little family life, from how we're raising our beautiful baby (Oliver, aka the Popper) here in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn to what we eat, day in and day out. (Considering I almost called this blog the Lard & Chard you can expect some pretty weird posts to come.)

The main focus of this blog will be food, and how what we're eating every day is affecting our family, our mood, our health, and our budget. I am convinced that healthy food can --and should!-- be totally delicious, and produced and prepared in a way that is friendly to the local economy and environment. I hope you will decide to share in our journey; I promise lots of recipes, tips, funny stories, and details you probably didn't want to know. So keep reading to find out what's for lunch!

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