Friday, April 3, 2009

Brown rice for breakfast?!

The past few days I have been eating leftover brown rice (from the salmon-bok choy stir-fry of Wednesday night) as a hot breakfast cereal. Besides oatmeal this is my favorite weekday breakfast. I cook the leftover rice with raw honey, butter, and milk, plus golden ground flaxseed, dried shredded coconut, and the final touch: cinnamon.

Tonight I spent about 5 minutes getting some stuff ready for tomorrow. I put spelt and kamut (two great whole grains) on to soak -- they will be going in my turkey soup; also combined soured milk with flour for what will be Yorkshire pudding for tomorrow's dinner (to go with chicken livers & shallots); and washed three Greenmarket apples to be baked with cinnamon in the morning. I plan to eat them over the next few days with raw cream...or maybe some of the ice cream we made last night! YUM

Note on soured milk: raw milk/cream etc. go sour very gently. In fact, I find that the first few days of souring are still pleasant-tasting enough to continue drinking them. Once the milk or cream (or even sour cream) have become too soured and fermented to consume, use them in baking. They are a great source of leavening power and work well in any of the baking recipes I offer here that require soaking flour ahead of time. If you cannot obtain raw dairy, you can still use regular soured dairy products for these purposes, but raw dairy from a certified small farm will provide amazing nutrition and support your local farm economy.


  1. i seriously miss your minimeals hot cereal desperately. that was the best part of any meal and i crave it!

  2. Thanks Hilary! That means a lot to me. :) I am sorry I can't bring you delicious hot cereal anymore, and that you are suffering without it. Of course, making your own isn't difficult! (nudge nudge) I will try to continue providing recipes for great hot breakfast cereals.

  3. Sharon
    Hi Hannah! I finally figured out how to post but I can only do it anonymously for now. By the way, I love your rice as cereal recipe. I tried it this morning. I used butter, milk, rice, almonds, and a little flax seeds. Delicious! Thanks for the idea. I need new breakfast options. This is a good start.