Thursday, April 16, 2009

as an introduction

**Devil's (Food) Advocate**

this is my morning breakfast. I know hannah is rolling her eyes loudly right now (believe me, entirely possible and I make it happen often). but it's justified!
the weekday mornings are cold and forbidding places to be. I need the comfort of a warm hug of coffee, the pat of a savory egg and cheddar bagel, the sweet kiss of a cherry danish and I need them delivered to me in the quick and now.
now I know I should be having hannah's breakfast of champions oatmeal. I know it would probably keep me up and running for the whole day. I know it would help me acheive my genetic potential for the days to come.
but it's still cold outside. it's early. and I need something to ease the pain and launch me into the here and now like a skiff into the wild river.
in the warm springs days to come I will change my food habits. I can see it now: gourmet oatmeal in the park under a canopy of green leaves paired with spring air.
but until then
'The usual please!... to go, thank you.'

-- Post From the blessed iphone


  1. Hahahaha I love it! What a compelling, even rousing, argument for bad food! And that photo looks simultaneously disgusting and delicious to me...

  2. Hmmm, and wasn't it just this evening, my dear husband, that you were asking me where your little potbelly has come from? Certainly not from the food you eat at home! :) Soon it will truly be spring and you will be taking a trusty metal pail of healthy delicious foods to work every day. Right?