Friday, April 9, 2010

This week

-interview with Alice Jamison, who is writing a book about children raised according to the Weston A. Price Foundation principles of wise food traditions
-PBS interview for a special celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Pill -- they are including an 8-minute segment on fertility awareness! That happens tomorrow.
-started a new diet with Oliver (more to come on this later, but so far so good)
-3 requests for new classes, one to be held specifically for new moms in Williamsburg/Greenpoint, one full-day workshop in Rockland County, and a series on resolving inexplicable health issues in children (based on the Gut & Psychology Syndrome healing protocol)


Plus there is the Nourishing Our Children-NYC kick-off 2010 event to prepare for, happening on April 17. As tonight marked the end of my March/April cooking series, I thought next week would be vacation, but I guess not... Good thing I am a workaholic. :)

Saturday is raw milk delivery day (looking forward to my duties as site coordinator!) and Raindance Farm delivery day as well (if you want to get in a last-minute order, email Siobhan asap).

Please don't give up on me -- I promise to post something much more interesting soon!

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