Friday, April 16, 2010

Busy busy

Getting ready for our 2010 kick-off event tomorrow in midtown for the city-wide parents' group I lead:

Nourishing Our Children: Traditional Foods for the Modern Child
44 East 32nd Street, TRS Professional Suites, 2:00pm
Suggested donation: $10-20

This workshop answers the question "Can children be well-fed but malnourished?" by offering an in-depth look at the true nutritional needs of the growing child and the dangers of depleted modern foods, including many labeled as “natural” and “organic.” We examine the historical significance of many foods that are now vilified as dangerous and unhealthy, and explain why a return to a traditional, nutrient-dense diet is crucial for returning our youngest generations to health and vitality. Angela Davis and Hannah Springer, Weston A. Price Foundation Brooklyn chapter leaders, will share dietary principles to create optimal nutrition, behavior and learning for children. We will share ideas for traditional, nutrient-dense meals to guide parents in nourishing rather than merely feeding their children, and will provide time for a group discussion of strategies for raising healthy eaters.

Nutrient-dense traditional snacks will be served.

It will be fun! Come join us! :)

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