Friday, April 16, 2010

How to make ghee

Place butter in an oven-proof dish and melt at 140-150 degrees. When the clear golden liquid has separated from the milk solids, carefully pour off the oil (ghee) and allow to solidify in the refrigerator. The milk solids (which will contain the salt if you used salted butter) are absolutely delicious, and redolent of SmartFood cheddar cheese popcorn...YUM. Ghee, otherwise known as clarified butter, is suitable for people on the GAPS diet because it does not contain milk solids, the part of dairy that can cause problems in individuals with gut dysbiosis. Ghee may be enjoyed just like butter, and will not burn (supposedly -- I haven't tested this completely) when over-heated (unlike butter).

Many people bring up traditional Indian people as representatives of healthy vegan populations, but in fact these people were not only consuming fair amounts of bug larvae due to their harvesting methods -- they also ate plenty of wonderfully nutritious, cultured ghee from grass-fed cows. Of course, I always recommend using raw milk butter from grass-fed cows for making ghee, or for topping your toast. :)

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