Sunday, April 25, 2010

Signing up for WIND power - 1-2-3-done!

This is for all our fellow ConEd customers out there who are tired of using coal-derived electricity--

We were enrolled in the wind power program at our last apartment, but since the move in February I hadn't gotten it together to enroll again (they don't automatically switch you when you move). Last time I did it by text message (yes, the perfect way in my opinion!) but this time email was required - which is why it took me longer.

Still, though, it really couldn't be much easier than this. All you have to do is email Sam and write, "Please enroll account ######## in the WIND program." That's it! So all you need is your ConEdison bill with the account number, and you're good to go. Sam submits new enrollments early on Monday mornings, so you have time to get yours in for tomorrow if you're quick... :) Oh, and I should mention that the increase in your monthly bill shouldn't be more than $5 at the most. I think that's very little to pay for a much cleaner, better alternative to coal-burning.

You can also text message Sam and he will get back to you right away. He's a very nice guy -- I met him at his booth at the Union Square Greenmarket a while back.

Sam Carroll
NYC Outreach Coordinator
Community Energy, Inc.
646-457-9320 (direct)

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