Wednesday, July 8, 2009

oh the dreaded milk pick up

Posted by Hugo:

Of the many things that have changed the most in my life, I would like to address one today.
the dreaded milk pick up.
we are,as of late, part of a raw milk club. local farmers make raw milk and raw milk products and then sell them through a mediator. neat: local food, 'green' food, sustainability, etc. except for a minor detail- I have to go pick it up. so what's the big deal, right? get a bag, pick up some dairy and ride the train home badabingbadaboom? ha!
behold! the milk pick up!

it doesn't even fit on the kitchen table! dear readers, I implore you, does this seem like a 'run by the store and pick up some milk' scenario?!?
ok this particular day was an extreme version. but, believe me, it's only by two gallons and a few quarts that it is beyond normal.
however, I must say that using the pure butter has really improved the taste of my favorites: toast! pancakes! potatoes! (cereal! but dont tell hannah;) ) and Ollie loves his fish milk (milk and cod liver oil [CLO]).

it's worth it in the end-everyone is happy. what's a hundred pounds of dairy on this healthy burro's back every couple of weeks?
-- Posted by Hugo


  1. Wow, that is an enormous amount of dairy. How often is that? Well, it's good stuff and Ollie sure looks cute drinking it.

  2. hannah, this is hilarious and absurd. i'd love to see you and ollie -- let me know when we can make that happen. maybe you could kill time at my apt again!

  3. Please let me clarify that this particular picture was taken on a day when I had ordered enough dairy for a MONTH. I had also ordered extra milk and butter to share with other people -- so this is no representative of normalcy at our house! I'm not that ridiculous. :)

    Here is what I usually buy EVERY OTHER WEEK:
    -2 gallons milk
    -1 quart of cream for ice cream (once or twice a month)
    -1-2 quarts yogurt
    -1-2 lbs. of butter
    -1 pint sour cream
    -sometimes a pint of cottage cheese
    -sometimes fresh produce (though I usually get this @ the farmers' market)
    -occasional (I generally get ONE of these things at each pick-up): buttermilk, whey, kefir, kombucha, fermented cider or grape juice, fermented veggies like kim chee, maple syrup or honey (very occasional)
    -about two kinds of meat (such as a 1 lb. steak, a lb. of beef cubes for stew, a chicken, or some bones for making stock)

  4. That still sounds like plenty to carry! But I will admit it also sounds yummy : )