Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gloucester Vacation

I thought a would post a few pictures from our recent vacation in Cape Ann, Massachusetts (specifically, in Rockport, a lovely fishing village, and Gloucester, the oldest fishing port in the U.S.). We managed to eat well while away by bringing a lot of food from home: Dave & Kim's eggs, chicken-rice stew, whole wheat sourdough bread, oatmeal & brown rice for breakfast, yogurt & sour cream, fruit, all the ingredients for taco salad, plenty of lettuce, and even homemade mayo, raw honey, and raw butter! We did enjoy some great local seafood as well, too. However, I had some sugar on this vacation (which I am not used to at all) and it's taken over a week to detox from this and feel right again. More on that later.

Oliver experienced the ocean for the first time and took to it right away (despite the very cold temperature). He practiced taking some steps which were mainly giant "monster" steps and very hilarious.

Before having Oliver I pretty much expected to never be able to wear a bikini again (if only because of stretch marks) but much to my delight I was wrong! Of course I credit eating well for most of this accomplishment.


  1. he is just a doll and you are looking SMOKIN' in your bikini ;-)

  2. What cute pictures - of all of you!