Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer appetites

I think some of you were a little surprised when I told you how much protein I usually eat during the cooler months (around 80 grams a day). As I related in that entry, I have found that I need to eat a fair amount of protein on a regular basis to avoid cravings things like French fries, mozzarella sticks, and KFC (shudder). I also get up to 50% of my caloric intake from fat in the winter. However, once the warm weather comes around my needs and cravings change considerably.

In hot weather I want a lot more fruit, for one thing, and also lighter meals in general. The summer has been pretty temperate so far so the change hasn't been as dramatic as usual, but these days light summer lunches like salmon patties, salads, cottage cheese-and-fruit, and toast with pate and a side of veggies are more my style. This was my lunch today: toasted sourdough with raw milk butter, homemade chicken liver pate, sliced cucumber, and a small glass of raw milk kefir.

Have you noticed a difference in your cravings since the weather got warmer? What do you think your body is telling you? A lot of people crave sweet things, like ice cream, popsicles, fruit smoothies, iced coffee with sugar & cream, and energy drinks. I think the craving for sweets is one way our bodies have of telling us we're thirsty. Sometimes I will be just dying for a piece of fruit, but when I drink a glass of water the craving disappears.

Other times we crave salty foods more, like pickles and potato chips, when we're sweating a lot or outside in the sun for long periods. This can be due to the loss of minerals through our sweat. In cases like these it's a great idea to have water with a splash of juice, or a naturally lacto-fermented beverage like ginger ale. Or try incorporating more bone broth or stock into your summer dishes: chilled soups, whole grains (like brown rice), and beans can all be simmered with stock. Stock made from bones and veggies, with a little bit of acid (like wine, lemon juice, or vinegar) supplies many important minerals in the form of easy-absorbed electrolytes. Forget the Gatorade: all you need is a cup of broth!

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  1. hey hannah -- i love chicken liver (called "chopped liver" in jewish culture). i've made it twice and it came out good both times. i'd love to see your recipe if you'd like to share!