Monday, July 20, 2009

La Leche League nutrition presentation


now I get it : stroller parking lot!
Saturday the 11th, Hannah gave her first "feeding babies" presentation! :)

it was quite the turn out! a dozen mothers with, what seemed like, twice as many babies! I snuck in a quick snapshot. ;) I was on the sidelines babysitting other kids and parenting Oliver. and as this is the first of many presentations to be sure, Ollie and I will be in the background smiling proudly.

--Posted by Hugo


  1. Congrats, Hannah! Looks great! I look forward to hearing more about your presentation and about your vacation too! :)

  2. Hannah -- this is so wonderful. I cannot think of a better job for you! What an entrepreneur you are! looking forward to seeing you tomorrow--and purchasing some tasty butter!

    ps- i am going to try blogging again, so follow along, if you'd like!

  3. darn it -- what's your blog again?