Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cutting down on health insurance

June is the time to change health insurance plans through Hugo's job, so last week we had a bit of a debate about what to do. This past year we've been paying over $400 a month for our HIP health insurance premium just for Hugo and me (we have other coverage for Oliver). I should add that this does not include dental -- that's an additional $40 a month. In addition, our co-pays were $25 per visit and our coverage only reduced prescription costs a little for generics.

I used to go to the doctor every few months. It seemed there was always something going on: a little cold or lingering cough, urinary tract infections, sinus headaches, birth control pill visits, or various other issues. Now I practice fertility awareness which saves a lot, so I only need to see a doctor a few times a year to check my thyroid levels. Of course, something might come up that I'll need a doctor for, but eating good food (and avoiding sugar) has really helped my health! I haven't been sick since November (I came down with a very bad cold after eating too much sugar over Thanksgiving).

So we took the plunge: we went down to the least expensive plan offered ($160/month). This way we will have help in an emergency, but will have to pay out-of-pocket for any visits and prescriptions we need up to $1,500. As I told Hugo, I would rather spend the money on good food than on health insurance! Hopefully we will not end up with this situation:

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  1. Hannah,
    I recently came across your blog and I love it. There is another blog that I follow along with yours- that is the healthyhomeeconomist blog. You are very informative.