Saturday, March 27, 2010

Well folks

I've succumbed to the allure of being able to share my thoughts and daily activities with the masses (self-deprecating chuckle) at the click of a button...and joined Twitter!

You can follow me at two separate usernames: will include personal tweets, tips on seasonal foods and what's best at the Greenmarkets, suggestions for new places to find great food in NYC, super-fast recipes, updates on what we're eating as a family, reminders about events, and parenting and nutrition tips. And as if ALL THAT weren't enough, I will also post tweets under the username NOCNYC, and will try to keep posts to what's appropriate in my role as group leader for Nourishing Our Children-NYC. Tweets will include reminders about events, tips related to parenting and traditional foods, news and requests from other members (as in: Sarah needs some emergency raw milk for baby formula -- who can spare some?), and the like.

Some of you (ahem--you know who you are!) may find my choice of the username lardlass objectionable...but it was between that and lardlady which frankly just made me sound old. Plus this has a nice play on a word we all know. :) I hereby declare that I am reclaiming lard (and pig fat in general) to be a DELICIOUS and NUTRITIOUS traditional food that has kept people in allegedy "impoverished" countries healthy and well for hundreds (thousands?) of years, and blessed them with high cheekbones, beautiful straight white teeth, happy dispositions, healthy babies, and long lives.

So please do visit Twitter and sign up to follow me!


  1. I enjoy how you have embraced traditional foods and technological innovations! If your technology were from the same era as your diet, you would probably have to send us messages in Morse code or Pony Express :)

  2. You are probably the only person to motivate me to figure out the whole twitter thing! But since I'm addicted to your blog and your food tips, I'll go for it :)

    Btw, I thought I made a good roast chicken. But when I followed your "slather with butter" advice... omg! Delicious chicken and chicken fat!

    Michelle Chiafulio