Tuesday, March 2, 2010

February fantasies

Okay, so technically it's March, but these fantasies started in early February. For anyone who has eaten (almost) entirely local/seasonal all winter in the northeast you will know what I'm talking about. These days I find myself thinking longingly of SALAD. SALAD SALAD SALAD! Specifically Caesar salad. Something about the crisp cool leaves of Romaine, accompanied by that delicious dressing and crunchy croutons... My friend Viktoria made a kick-a** Caesar salad when I visited her last month, and I had one at a restaurant in January. Then an incredibly disappointing taco salad at a restaurant more recently. So I'm not being totally strict here, just not making them at home.

Here it is 8am, and a nice Caesar salad sounds like just the thing to start the day off right. Except that it's March. And there is no lettuce to be found at the farmers' market. And somehow, even though it sounds great, I still don't want to buy lettuce at the grocery store 5 blocks away, make the salad, and eat it. It's still the time for sweet potatoes, onions, garlic, broths, and stews. But this doing without really sharpens the appetite for the seasonal foods spring will have to offer! I am really really excited!! (And hey, when was the last time you got excited about salad?)

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