Friday, March 19, 2010

March delivery from Raindance Farm

Last weekend was our monthly delivery of wonderful meats, raw milk cheese, sausages, bacon, and pastured eggs from Siobhan at Raindance Organic Farm. Oliver had a great time playing among the pile of meat packages while I tried to figure out how to fit everything into the freezer. I couldn't stop admiring the beautiful eggs! Aren't they absolutely gorgeous?! And that's just the outside.

Every time we get these deliveries of local foods that have been grown, raised, and produced with such care and attention I feel like I've had the loveliest Christmas ever all over again. We are so blessed to be able to enjoy these wonderful foods, while knowing the environment, the soil, the farmers, the local economy, the animals, and our health are all the better for it.


  1. Hi Hanna, where do you place or pick up your delivery? I see on their website it says they only deliver to Bay Ridge from June - November. Just wondering since I would love this as an alternative until June. Thanks!

  2. You can order by following this link:

    The next delivery in Bay Ridge will be on Sat. April 3, and you will need to place your order by next Wed. Email me if you have any more questions.