Monday, March 1, 2010

Oliver update

Oliver is now: 18.5 months old
Main words: puppy (said about 100 times an hour), doggie (also a BIG favorite), ow (which means everything from please to ouch), kitty, woof-woof, moo, quack-quack, meow, growl, dirty (which sounds like lodie), hi, bye, water, and many more
Imitative words: "man-oh-man!" (which I say too much apparently), and "boy-oh-boy!"
First word: YUM! (which makes this devoted kitchen slave feel very good)
The latest: BAAA! (like a sheep, which he is super good at), and goodnight, which sounds like "ite". Yesterday he tried to say "bad idea" which was pretty funny.
Oh, and the two best words: Mama and Papa. :)

Favorite activities: dancing to music his parents are listening to, watching stuffed animals dance and sing, lying in Hugo's lap drinking milk, giving hugs and kisses (to us and to his hand puppet that serves as Hugo's stand-in when he is at work), looking at dogs and puppies, running around in new environments, playing peek-a-boo (especially underneath chairs), rummaging through my utensil drawer, and EATING!

Sign language: please, thank you, water, eat, milk/nurse, more, bed/sleep, all done

Illnesses to date: one cold

Breastfeeding: every couple of hours during the day and twice at night

Size: tall and heavy! Outgrowing his 18-month-old clothes very fast.

Oliver day-to-day: filled with boundless energy!!! Sometimes Hugo sighs in a proud, pathetic way and says, "I wish we could feed him some crappy food so he wouldn't always be so energetic!"

Oliver's hair: growing like a weed. I really can't explain this...

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  1. What a precious picture and such a sweet post!
    :) Michelle Chiafulio