Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday morning conversation

The morning seems pretty ideal so far: Hugo and I are having fresh-baked lemon-cranberry scones (thanks to me), and we are reading the New York Times. Oliver is even cooperating more or less by playing destructively on the floor. I am thinking happily of the walk we will take around our neighborhood a little later; I need to go to the farmers' market, and the bank, and to get my phone checked out after its recent drooly handling by Oliver. To me, going to the farmers' market with our adorable son in the Bugaboo and my handsome husband at my side is pretty much my idea of the perfect way to spend a lovely Saturday spring morning. This is what happened when I foolishly opened my mouth:
Me (brightly): Honey, we can go by Verizon while we're out at the farmers' market!
Hugo: What?! See, this is why I don't want to go on a walk. You end up making me do WORK. I want to just SIT outside at the park, not go to a bunch of places!
Me (totally baffled): You mean, you don't WANT to go to the farmers' market?
Hugo: No!
Me: Really? But it's so fun! You can look around and pick something that you would like.
Hugo: But there's no selection!
Me: No selection?!
Hugo: There's no electronics! Nobody's naked! What more can I say?!

This gave me a really good laugh. In many ways, Hugo is a typical guy. He loves vampire movies and doesn't want our son wearing baby blue seersucker, for example. But he has also enthusiastically attended the ballet with me on several occasions and has even bought me shoes at the Opening Ceremony warehouse sale. So even though he has refused to accompany me to the farmers' market this morning, I will still believe that life with Hugo is pretty much the best of both worlds. :)


  1. So, my question is, what did you end up doing? :)

  2. We all went to the farmers' market after all where I bought the usual whole wheat sourdough, plus some fresh bufala mozzarella and water buffalo cutlets. Hugo picked out some fancy cookies for himself. :)

  3. sounds like a great day. mike likes going to the farmer's market, but loses interest easily. guess what? we bought some dipaolo's turkey sausage at our little farmer's market on sat, i can't wait to eat it!

  4. Great! I LOVE their hot turkey sausage - I make little patties and fry them up with sliced apples or hot peppers. I also wanted to let you know that I have found the BEST grass-fed ground beef around: on Mondays @ Union Square market Central Valley Farm. Go there! Buy a pound of the ground beef and let me know what you think. Also their own version of raw milk cheddar is sublime. They have homemade pasta sauce now, too!

  5. how late do they stay on mondays, do you know?

  6. Call Ed at 908-892-2297 and ask him to save a package for you; they run out! They are there til 6:00.

  7. maybe next monday i will send mike. he works three blocks from there and refuses to go.