Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Molasses for Leg Cramps

The other night I was experiencing some very unpleasant aching in my legs, concentrated around my knees. This was the sort of feeling I hadn't had since I was young and got "growing pains" on a regular basis (or after a day of hiking or excessive walking). My friend Sharon suggested I take a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses as it is high in calcium which apparently helps leg cramps. Surprisingly enough, it really worked! The strong aching feeling disappeared within an hour. I love eating blackstrap molasses on apple pancakes, but had never used it as a home remedy. The vitamin & mineral content in just one tbsp. of blackstrap is shockingly high:
  • potassium 10% RDA
  • calcium 20%
  • iron 20%
  • vitamin A-precursor 20% (plant form of vitamin A or beta-carotene)
  • magnesium (most kinds have up to 20% of your RDA, though my bottle didn't mention this)
You can buy blackstrap molasses at Whole Foods, health foods stores, food co-ops, and sometimes your local grocery store as well. Be sure the label says BLACKSTRAP and UNSULPHURED. *Note: blackstrap isn't a brand, but refers to the way the molasses is produced; this method renders it quite nutritious, whereas other forms of molasses don't come near this level of nutritional stardom.

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