Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Really, Mama? We have to carry all this compost?

Yes, my little Oliver. Your 5'2" mama is going to carry all these bags of food scraps down the subway stairs along with you and your stroller. Just so we can make sure it goes to the happy worms at the Lower East Side Ecology Center rather than in a landfill! (The food scrap drop-off site is on the northern side of Union Square, generally across from Barnes & Noble, every day of the Greenmarket (M,W,F,S) year-round. Look for the white van and the large garbage bins.)

At my current teenage weight it is quite clear to me now that mothers who eat traditional foods, visit farmers' markets routinely, and take public transportation need never go to the gym!

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  1. this is the cutest picture of ollie. what a big boy!