Sunday, January 22, 2012

Is your baby talking to you?

A friend sent me the link to this YouTube video on baby language -- it's fantastic! I have found it SO helpful with understanding what Weston needs. The key is to really pay attention to your baby's sounds when they're still mild and calm rather than waiting until he/she is crying hard. Hugo helped me identify which of Weston's sounds correspond to these five categories since he didn't sound exactly like these babies, at least to me.

These are the five categories:

-uncomfortable (hot/cold, diaper)
-need to burp
-trying to poop

If you're pregnant or have a young baby, definitely watch this video. It will likely prove to be incredibly helpful.

P.S. This is a blurry but cute early sample of Weston's new smiling skills -- which he exhibits when NOT feeling something from one of the five categories. :)

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