Thursday, January 26, 2012

Best pancakes ever! (and they are completely grain-free and dairy-free)

 When I first made these, Hugo declared that witchcraft must have been involved in their making!

After being on the GAPS diet for almost a year and a half (and very pancake-deprived during that entire time) I was absolutely THRILLED to discover this recipe, which is from the GAPS cookbook, Internal Bliss.

I use my food processor to first make the nut butter (my favorite in this recipe is cashew butter), and then to make the pancakes. It's a good idea to make a large batch of nut butter and keep it on hand to use in recipes like this, or for snacking. Simply grind the nuts of choice in your food processor until they become flour, and then keep going until they turn into a creamy "butter." (I use organic nuts from Wilderness Family Naturals that have already been soaked and dehydrated, to minimize the anti-nutrients that are present in all nuts.)

If you want to skip that whole process though you can first try the recipe just using peanut butter. (However, since commercial peanut butter, even organic, is not very good for you it will be a smart move to begin making your own nut butters from soaked/dehydrated nuts.)

Here's all you need to do.

Blend the following in a food processor:

-1 very ripe organic banana
-2 TBSP nut butter of choice (I like cashew best!)
-3 pastured eggs
-pinch sea salt

In a hot skillet liberally coated with melted lard, bacon fat, or ghee (butter will smoke and burn very quickly), pour enough batter to make a round pancake no larger than 5" in diameter. Flip the pancake when the bottom is lightly brown. These pancakes don't bubble or turn brown on the edges when they're ready to be turned so you have to be vigilant! As the skillet heats up more and more the pancakes will take only about a minute or two to cook from start to finish, so watch them very carefully! I have found the best results using our big iron skillet and a silicone spatula which works better with these delicate pancakes than a metal one.

Serve with butter and maple syrup if desired. These pancakes are naturally sweet so they don't really need syrup. Their thinness and lightness makes them especially well-suited to rolling--so another great serving option is to fill with berries (or apples fried in coconut oil w/cinnamon, as shown below) and raw whipped cream and serve as crepes!

This recipe makes only about 4 pancakes. They are filling, but if using as a main course you will need to at least double the recipe, depending on how many people you're serving.

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  1. and if you want to make them thicker and less crepe-y, add a handful of shredded coconut before blending everything with the hand blender. They're absolutely PERFECT that way!