Monday, January 3, 2011

Come join me for a cooking class this Sunday in Greenpoint!

The topic is: Nourishing Winter Favorites for the Whole Family

Date: Sun. 1/9, 2:00-6:00pm........Fee: 80.00 (150.00 couples) Location: Greenpoint (Brooklyn)

REGISTER HERE or email me about paying by check (see my contact link on the right sidebar)

This class will cover a selection of winter-themed foods from breakfast to dinner (and more!) while offering general guidance in creating sustaining and easy-to-prepare family meals. You will learn what to have on hand to make cooking easier to manage, how to increase the "staying power" of each meal, and how to employ principles of traditional foods in your kitchen every day.

The menu includes plenty of family favorites that will please even the most demanding eaters (including toddlers!), and the class packet provides many additional recipes -- from pot roast to hot chocolate -- that will instantly boost your cooking repertoire.
Emphasis is on locally-sourced nutrient dense ingredients from sustainable family farms. Participants will enjoy a tasting menu "meal" and receive samples to take home.


* Apple-cinnamon muffins ~ a yummy seasonal "compromise" breakfast for busy mornings! Learn how you can make the most sustaining and nutritious baked goods by getting them started the night before.
* Cashew-crusted chicken nuggets ~ forget about the frozen food aisle! Your family will be thrilled with these tasty favorites.
* Potato "chips" ~ satisfy your family's cravings for salty snacks with these treats, served with a side of lactofermented ketchup (recipe included).
* Lactofermented ginger ale ~ a delicious beverage, filled with beneficial enzymes and probiotics. A favorite among all ages (and great to have on hand for digestive ailments!).
* Swedish meatballs & gravy ~ made with pastured beef and blended with spices, egg, and cream. Serve simply with gravy and a vegetable of your choice. No one can say no to Swedish meatballs!
* Butternut squash custard ~ even kids who hate vegetables will love this yummy custard. It boasts the benefits of raw cream and pastured eggs, plus delicious spices and just a touch of raw honey.

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  1. May i please have your recipe for the butternut squash custard? :) it sounds amazing!