Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Breast cancer prevention

I'm not sure why, but breast cancer prevention has been on my mind lately. Perhaps because I am frequently reminded that there are a few key things we can do (but DON'T!) to help reduce the risk.

This excellent segment on Fresh Air yesterday prompted me to finally post about this important topic. I recommend listening in rather than reading the summary. The link is below:

A few things not mentioned in the interview, to my chagrin, are:

1) deodorant! what we put on our underarms, particularly after shaving but really any time, is not to be overlooked. Cancerous breast tissue that has been removed has been found to have high levels of aluminum, the active ingredient in virtually all commercial deodorants. Ladies, it's time to make the switch! See my recipe for healthy, effective deodorant made entirely from food-grade ingredients.

2) bras! see this enlightening article about bra wearing and breast cancer risk. I was recently shopping for a new bra and was appalled, as always, by the prevalence of underwire styles. These bras are particularly harmful because the underwire, whether metal or plastic, severely restricts lymph flow and the removal of toxins from the sensitive underarm and breast areas. The best thing is to choose a looser, less restrictive style of bra and wear it as little as possible.

3) last but not least -- birth control pills! Oh, the harm we are doing to ourselves with oral contraceptives and other medication hormones -- it makes me so sad just to think about it. As you will learn if you listen to the Fresh Air segment, breast tissue continues to grow and develop into a woman's 20s, which is often after the time that a woman first begins taking the Pill. This means that the breasts are particularly sensitive to environmental factors during this time. Furthermore, breast tissue can continue to grow and develop from the estrogenic effects of the Pill (I suspect this is why so many women experience breast growth with the Pill), which makes a woman more susceptible to abnormal breast growth, and cancer. See my posting on the Fertility Awareness Method, read The Garden of Fertility, and consider using the withdrawal method (in a committed relationship) for pregnancy prevention. I think the two methods used together cover all the bases. :)

And one more thing -- sugar, as well as alcohol, can greatly increase the growth of abnormal breast tissue. Remember, tumors and cancerous growths LOVE sugar!!!

The good news is that you can take a few easy precautions now to decrease your risk later on.

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