Thursday, September 30, 2010

Traditional Foods Kitchen!

Here is a picture of last Saturday's foods that I prepared for our Bay Ridge/Sunset Park Traditional Nutrition Guild delivery. Items ordered included lacto-fermented ginger ale (in the Pellegrino bottles), lacto-fermented coconut/olive mayonnaise, chicken liver pate, lacto-fermented ketchup, vanilla pudding, macaroons, lacto-fermented vegetable medley, beet kvass (also lacto-fermented), kombucha, nut flour crackers, and yogurt cheese. The bone broth/stock didn't make it into the picture.

Information about my products, along with an order form, is available at I offer home delivery ($12 - $25 minimum order) twice a month on Monday evenings to all neighborhoods from Bay Ridge north to Park Slope. The next delivery will actually fall on a Tuesday, 10/12, though Mondays are the norm. You can also come pick up your order in Bay Ridge.

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  1. That mayo is so amazingly good! I could just drink it straight from the jar! ;) Thank you!