Friday, September 24, 2010

Fertility Awareness Method workshop Sunday 9/26

Fertility Awareness Method workshop: an introduction to the method and panel discussion.
DATE: Sunday, Sept. 26
TIME: 2:00-5:00pm
*PLEASE NOTE NEW LOCATION* Tribeca Parenting, 46 Warren Street, NYC
TICKETS: $30-60 ($40 and $60 include book purchase)

So what is the Fertility Awareness Method?
It is a healthy, economical, and effective approach to birth control,
natural child spacing, and pregnancy planning.

This afternoon workshop provides an introduction to the Fertility Awareness Method by presenter Katinka Locascio, followed by a panel discussion of the method and its practical applications for women, couples, and health care practitioners. A brief overview of nutrition for reproductive health will be provided as well.

The workshop will begin with a presentation that includes a comprehensive overview of human reproductive anatomy to facilitate an understanding of the Fertility Awareness Method. The method will be discussed in detail, and resources will be provided for obtaining further instruction (including a book from which the method may be learned in detail). This hormone-free, non-device method is a natural approach for effectively identifying the fertile times in a woman's cycle so that couples can avoid or achieve pregnancy. Fertility Awareness Method (FAM), which is highly scientific and effective when practiced correctly, is differentiated from the rhythm method because it is based on charting a woman's fertility signals on a daily basis. Once the rules are understood, the method is easy to use and requires only a few minutes a day. We will also discuss natural ways to prevent pregnancy during the fertile days.

The panel discussion will provide workshop participants with a deeper understanding of how the method can be incorporated into daily life. We will touch on important related points, including practicing FAM while breastfeeding, coming off the Pill, engaging a partner, using FAM for gaining insight into reproductive health and the overall state of your body, health conditions that can be improved by avoidance of hormonal contraceptives, and ways to incorporate a discussion of FAM into your health care practice. This workshop is a must for couples seeking a more holistic approach to natural child spacing (or birth control), and for women who wish to gain insight into their reproductive health. Since an increasing number of women experience health issues that are related to the use of hormonal contraceptives this is an important alternative that has many positive health implications for the user.

Workshop participants have an opportunity to purchase The Garden of Fertility, by Katie Singer, at a discount as part of their admission ticket. This book is an essential guide to practicing the method and is an important resource on reproductive health for women.

This workshop is sponsored by the Traditional Nutrition Guild's Parents' Group; all proceeds will benefit the group and will help us in providing important learning opportunities to families and individuals throughout New York City.

A special thanks to Tribeca Parenting for their generous
contribution of space for this workshop.

Space is limited! Please register in advance. Go to:

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