Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Awesomely easy steak tartare

Well, to be perfectly honest I should probably acknowledge that any steak tartare has got to be fairly easy and quick to make since it isn't even cooked! But it always seemed like one of those dishes that requires the sanction of a restaurant atmosphere.

Not so!

My friend Julia recently bequeathed me the contents of her freezer upon moving across the country, and since this enticing little package of ground steak tartare from Grazin' Angus Acres was already thawed I decided to enjoy it that very afternoon.

In a bowl, mix 8 oz. high-quality organic grass-fed ground steak with the following:
-1 pastured egg
-Organic Tamari to taste (this will add all the salt you need)
-Organic expeller-pressed sesame oil (start with a tsp or 2 and add more if desired)
-Fine-ground white pepper to taste (this stuff is spicier than the regular black variety so don't go too crazy!)

Mix well, tasting as needed, and turn out onto a serving plate, molding into a nice round shape. Garnish with snipped parsley or very thinly-sliced scallions (I didn't have any of the latter). Take small bites--I like to use chop sticks because it just makes it tastier--and enjoy the delicious smooth flavor. You will get an amazing boost of energy from this!

I offered some to Oliver and he gobbled it right up with me.

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