Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How dirty is your water?

We found out the answer to this question this year. Although we've been using a Pur pitcher filter for a long time now, we hadn't gotten it together to buy a "real" water filter system. Now I'm mad I didn't prioritize this more! If I had seen this earlier I would have made the water filter happen sooner, in spite of our tight budget (as I would recommend you do!).

The one we settled on is the Doulton dual-chamber (fluoride and ultra carb filters) filter available from Radiant Life. We chose the under-counter option since we had no countertop space to spare.

Here's the filter after just two weeks of use (compare it to the filter housing which is in the sink and is the normal off-white color of the filter when it's clean):

Hugo now removes the filter and cleans it every weekend so the flow from the spigot stays fairly even most of the time. Since I make so much broth and ferment lots of veggies and beverages we really do go through a lot of filtered water.

We also got a shower head filter and a bath dechlorinator ball:

As they say on the Radiant Life website, either use a filter or BE the filter! After seeing our filters turn from off-white to charcoal black I am truly glad to no longer be the filter.

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  1. really happy you made this leap, i got a berkey/british berkefeld combination about 2 years ago and it changed everything. i really feel good water to be at the centre of everything else healthy