Sunday, February 14, 2010

Winter weekend locavore breakfast

A typical weekend breakfast for our family involves pastured eggs, breakfast meat of some kind, a whole-grain traditionally-prepared carbohydrate like oatmeal in some form (or pancakes), homemade yogurt, plenty of butter, sometimes local maple syrup, and a lacto-fermented condiment or beverage. Yesterday (Saturday) we had scrumptious apple pancakes made with locally-grown and milled whole wheat flour (from the Union Square farmers' market) and upstate apples, along with raw butter from our special source. It was a very busy day for me that included getting up early for the raw milk pick-up, rushing home to make pancakes, and rushing out again to go to Union Square for a big grocery haul, then coming home on the crowded subway to put everything away and gulp a glass of raw milk before heading out to the Raindance Farm monthly pick-up where I got some goodies from Siobhan.

Today we had time for a more leisurely meal, which included:
~Irish breakfast sausage with organic pastured pork (from Raindance Farm) -- truly DELICIOUS!!! and with a wonderful texture. I couldn't believe that even the casing on this sausage tasted so good (it was nice and brown from the griddle).
~scrambled pastured eggs from Raindance Farm (Siobhan brought them to me as a special favor; the chickens aren't really laying much yet, but they will be soon as the days get longer).
~oat cakes (made from leftover congealed oatmeal and fried in bacon fat from locally-produced pastured bacon -- and no the oatmeal was not local :( but I hope to begin eating only local oats soon courtesy of Cayuga Pure Organics!). Local maple syrup was served with the oat cakes, along with homemade yogurt made from raw, local, grass-fed milk.
~whole grain spelt & rye sourdough from Hawthorne Valley Farm with plenty of local raw butter
~also some jalapeno sauerkraut from Hawthorne Valley, located in Ghent, NY (I always finish off breakfast with something lacto-fermented or else I don't feel quite right. These foods contain beneficial bacteria and enzymes, as well as increased vitamin content from the fermentation process. The jalapeno sauerkraut is a great follow-up for egg breakfasts as it helps with digesting egg whites.)

Sitting at my computer more than four hours after finishing the meal I still feel good from breakfast! With a meal like this to start the day, often I only need one more good-sized meal, and maybe a snack before bed. This is a huge contrast to how I used to eat: grazing all day long, having hypoglycemic attacks on a daily basis, never able to go out for 10 minutes without packing a snack. And always low-fat, low-fat, low-fat. Not anymore! And contrary to the popular belief that eating more fat will make you gain weight, I actually weigh slightly less than I used to and certainly without dieting (except avoiding processed foods and sugar) -- even in winter, the time when I always packed on a few extra pounds. For Hugo and Ollie, regular meals (3x a day plus snacks) are very important; it's good to keep in mind that everyone is different, with varying requirements for protein and calories.

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