Thursday, January 14, 2010

Raindance Organic Farm in Bay Ridge!

Oh, how lucky we are here in Bay Ridge! We have a brand new delivery club courtesy of Raindance Organic Farm and Siobhan Griffin, one of the most personable and committed grass-based farmers you could know. I am so thrilled to be playing a small role in bringing Siobhan's great meats, cheese, and other farm products to our community!

To set the stage, here are some pictures from the farm (be sure to visit the website for more, as well as beautiful descriptions of all of her top-notch products).

Siobhan grew up in Queens and spent summers in Ireland with her family, where she became intrigued by the farming lifestyle. In both philosophy and practice, Siobhan is committed to grass-based, humane, and sustainable farming practices that enrich the earth, protect the environment, and ensure good health for the people who enjoy her farm's bounty.

Once a month on a Saturday Siobhan will come to Bay Ridge to deliver orders of tenderloin, veal cutlets (humanely raised), minute steaks, chorizo sausage, ground beef, bacon, Irish breakfast sausage, and her famous "sun" cheese, made from the rich yellow milk of cows grazing on lush summer pasture. New products are always being added to the list, and in the early spring her pastured chickens' eggs will be selling 'like hot cakes.' (I was treated to a sneak preview last fall -- they are the closest thing to Dave's eggs I've seen here in the city, and a BARGAIN at $4.50/dozen.)

Thank you, Siobhan! All of us here in Bay Ridge thank you. Oliver thanks you for his ring bologna and sun cheese, and I can already taste that jambalaya I'm going to make next week with your Andouille sausage...

If you're interested in ordering, the next delivery (after this Saturday) will be early in February. Email me ( to get on the mailing list! The complete product/price sheet can be found at:

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