Monday, August 17, 2009

Bugs at the Zoo

I came across a new species at the Chicago Lincoln Park Zoo last Friday -- a new food species, that is. This product is a little like the kefir version of Go-Gurt, which in my opinion both classify as foods that should be outlawed. Of course, I am all in favor of getting good bugs into little tummies, but does it really have to happen in this over-sweetened, over-processed, over-packaged way? Even when we take the sugar found naturally in milk into consideration, this Pro-Bugs product contains 7 grams of added sugars in only 5 oz. of kefir! That's the equivalent of slightly over 2 tsp.

I know the raw milk kefir (unsweetened) in my fridge would never be able to recognize this stuff as any relation at all. Parents: Just say NO to kiddie yogurt, kiddie kefir, and all similar products! Say no to polluting of the earth and polluting of your child. Okay, enough said. I have to go calm down.

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