Friday, June 5, 2009

A Feast for the Soul

A recent trip to the Union Square Greenmarket afforded me the following goodies: fresh spring strawberries, spring onions & garlic, a loaf of organic whole wheat sourdough, raw milk cheddar, the best grass-fed ground beef around (from Central Valley farm), a bag full of beautiful baby lettuce, fresh rosemary (a gift from the CV farmers!), and a jar of hot "frying" peppers. Of course I enjoy anticipating all the delicious meals I will make using these ingredients, but first I like to "feast my eyes" (as my mother used to say) on these beautiful things that have been given to me from the earth, from healthy happy cows, and from farmers, bakers, and cheesemakers. Even more than a feast for the eyes, this is also a feast for the soul.

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  1. i got some similar loot at the tiny farmer's market by my apt this weekend -- i just adore it! i got some spicy sausage this time from dipaulo, lots of snap peas, zucchini, strawberries, and some monkfish from the fish stand. it feels so great to be buying such beautiful produce, I like your expression. xo.